Analysis : sandblast

Posted on: May 18, 2011

Strange Phenomenon in the Arab Videos Shot of Sand. In the desert country with a very wealthy Arab oil as it turns out there are also many strange phenomena that occur. So is the strange phenomenon in the Arab sandblast it, if in Indonesia that burst and caused the Lapindo mudflow disaster yes it is. Actually it is not uncommon when there is sand blasting from the earth like water out, but so far no official explanation that caused this sandblast.
About sandblast like impressions video above is not a miracle, commented one YouTube user. Youtube commentators explained that because the blast of sand in Arabia is because the explosion of an underground gas pipeline owned by an oil company in Saudi Arabia. When the explosion occurred and that there is oil in the pipe is pushed onto the sand that was piled on top of it driven by hard to top, and seems like a sprinkling of sand.
Perhaps many strange phenomena that can be explained by logic and common sense such as solar twin, rain frogs or even on video ghost also keen to see if we bukanla something strange. Only about blood rain in India so far no explanation can really make sense. And of course as long as the earth goes there will always be a strange phenomenon that will occur as well as in Arab sandblast it.
Many predict that this blast of sand caused by a leaking gas pipe located near the center of explosion, there are several points where exactly the oil refinery Saudi.yang Arab eastern part close to the blast of this and some can only vote pakarpun Thus, perhaps for this reason that can be defined as the cause tersemburnya sand into the air.
Sandblast is happening around the oil refinery of Al-Ahsae eastern Saudi Arabia, and sandblast it was reported that up to 9 feet tall that are known to the latest news, judging not much different from the Lapindo mud that gushed also the difference that in this sand saudi arabia indeed because their land is sand, while in Indonesia because of tropical soil mud out ya deh so not much different from its natural phenomena.
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