Analysis : caterpillars

Posted on: May 18, 2011

The phenomenon of caterpillars which is currently happening in Probolinggo, in fact he had experienced in 1936 and then. The impact is almost the same which cause losses in mango plantation owners in the area of ​​Probolinggo tersebut.Mereka vote because his condition quite humid, making it easier for the butterflies lay their eggs and metamorphosis. Caterpillars are also attacked several other areas, such as Jombang, Malang, Pasuruan, and Banyuwangi.Hingga today, he added, East Java Agricultural Department continued to supply pesticides in some areas affected caterpillars. “We’re really quite pesticides, so the area do not worry. But the dosage should be adjusted, so that caterpillars can be destroyed but not to affect the quality of fruit from trees that are sprayed,
Since March 26, 2011 then, millions of caterpillars suddenly come against sub Laces Probolinggo East Java and today even the rain in Probolinggo caterpillars have been extended to 3 districts. The phenomenon of rain this caterpillar shocking people around to other regions in Probolinggo, East Java.
Officers Silkworm Pest Spray With Anti Fur Meanwhile, caterpillar pests mengantisifasi growing hair, this afternoon, anti-pest control officers tried to conduct spraying to eradicate the millions of anti-pest caterpillars that come in several districts in Probolinggo, East Java.
Feather Worm Attack Alien Beings. Some people might consider the phenomenon of rain in Probolinggo caterpillars as mystical events associated with trials, punishment, assault alien creatures from another planet, and so forth. But most people would probably also believes if this is just a normal natural phenomenon and can occur anywhere close to the location or environment that is berkembangbia caterpillars.
Researcher Department of Plant Protection, Bogor Agricultural University, Aunu Rauf PhD, said the caterpillar pests of mango plant in Probolinggo, East Java, is a new type that has never recorded its presence in Indonesia. In the realm of conservation biology, such animal is indicated as an alien species that could affect the existing ecosystems.
“In literature mango crop pests, pests of this type have not been recorded,” said Aunu who completed doctoral studies in the field of insects (entomology) at the University of Wisconsin Madison, USA, on Wednesday (06/04/2011).
However, he denied that pest caterpillars that are new species. “It’s not a new species yes, just this pest had never encountered before. So this is just the first time to attack,” he said.
He had earlier estimated that it is a species of caterpillar Lymantria marginata. Species are recognized from a different wing patterns between males and females as adults. Dark winged males, while female white-spotted wings.
Some experts suspect that the pest had attacked Probolinggoi is Dasychira inclusa. However, he said, “This is another. If Dasychira inclusa morphology is not so. Pest Probolinggo is the color of white wings.”
A few days ago, just returned from Probolinggo Aunu for sampling caterpillar. “For now the new is the process of checking in advance to identify the type,” he said.
He said the pest attack in Probolinggo is a natural factor. The rapid population of caterpillars that followed the attack on mango plants may occur due to predator species, such as birds or other insects, reduced the population.

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